5 Ways to style a Chikankari Kurti in 2023

Wearing a Chikankari Kurti always leaves the women with a classy appearance. When discussing classical and royal apparel, the Chikankari work always marks its presence. This age-old yet modern embroidery style hails from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India. You can find the best pieces of Kurtis here to brag on your Mughal … Read more

Chikankari Kurtis: The Perfect Office Wear Choice – Here is why!

Imagine you are heading for your office in Nawabi style! The aura that you bring forth is hard to ignore. Yes, we are talking about Chikankari. We all know that classic Chikankari Kurtis have been grabbing the attention for decades owing to the elegance and grace they reflect. No wonder, these immensely craved ensembles are … Read more

Chikankari Kurtas: Where Traditional Craft Meets Modern Fashion

Chikankari Kurtas: Where Traditional Craft Meets Modern Fashion Chikankari is an elegant and intricate embroidery style, immensely popular in India and across the globe. People love to wear Chikankari Kurtas and the credit goes to its endless specialties. India is the land of diverse cultures and traditions, where Chikankari stands for typical Mughal reins. This … Read more

How to Choose the Right Chikan Dress: A Beginner’s Guide

Chikankari has always been the most important hand-embroidered style in Indian fashion. These intricate and delicate designs are a hot favourite for everyone. The patterns in the Chikankari embroidery exhibit hours of hard work, which ultimately results in a beautiful style on your Kurta. If you are new to Chikankari fashion, here is everything you … Read more

History Of Chikankari

Chikan name is originated from a Persian term called Chikan that means Kashidakari (embroidery). Nur Jahan wife of Jahangir, a very talented lady started this craft of replicating the beautiful eccentric carvings done on the walls of the empire to the fabric with the help of needle and thread. She taught the art to several villagers. From … Read more

History Of Chhangamal

Chhangamal Ramsaran Garg Agencies was established in “1897”, initially the firm was involved in the production of caps but gradually diversified into fabrication of ‘angarkhas’ Kurtas, sarees etc, based on customer preferences. Since then, the brand Chhangamal has become synonymous with premium and handcrafted ethnic wear that showcase the traditional Chikan embroidery in contemporary designs. Presently, chikan designed items … Read more

The Process of Chikankari

Chikankari embroidery work has been an integral part of Lucknow since the past 400 years & it is the best known textile decoration styles of this city. The word Chikan actually means embroidery and it assimilates approximately 36 different stitching techniques like Zanzeera, Rahet, Banarsi, Khatau, Phanda,Bulbul-chasm and so on ! Traditionally, white muslin cloth … Read more

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