5 Ways to style a Chikankari Kurti in 2023

Wearing a Chikankari Kurti always leaves the women with a classy appearance. When discussing classical and royal apparel, the Chikankari work always marks its presence. This age-old yet modern embroidery style hails from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India. You can find the best pieces of Kurtis here to brag on your Mughal special style.

Theories about Chinankari’s origin

Historians associate two distinct theories with the origin of Chikankari in India. 

The first suggests the introduction of this craftwork in the 16th century, during the rule of the Mughals. Emperor Akbar in particular was fond of art and craft, which led to the refinement of Chikankari under his royal patronage. Other rulers followed in his footsteps. 

The other theory indicates ancient Indian roots of Chikankari, dating back to the 18th century, during the times of Nawab Asad-Ud-Daula. Historical references suggest his pivotal role in making Chikankari embroidery famous in the region what we call as present Lucknow.

Amid uncertainty about the origin of this exclusive embroidery work in India, its enriched history is still beyond question. The consummated artisans continued to imbibe Chikankari in their culture over centuries. Today, this traditional Indian embroidery work needs no introduction and is popular worldwide for its timeless elegance and craftsmanship it exhibits.

Here, we will discuss some exciting ways to style a Chikankari Kurti in 2023 and enhance your look in several ways –

1. Traditional look

You can flaunt a traditional look with your Chikankari Kurti. Yes, just pick from an exquisite collection of Kurtis and match it well with a pajama (or salwar) along with a suitable dupatta. It will not only give you a classy but also an appealing look to amaze onlookers at the very first sight. You can pair your Kurti with tight leggings or a Patiala salwar as well.  

Since you are strictly opting for a traditional look, you can add some amazing pieces of jewellery to your look, especially the oxidized ones. You will surely achieve a classical desi look with some long Jhumka-type earrings.

2. Fusion appearance

When it comes to fusion clothing, nothing can beat a Chikankari Kurti. You can have denim along with your Kurti. Additionally, you can choose some heavy or lightly-worked skirts with the same. Playing with colours in this combination will help more to increase your fusion appearance.

Just add a small drop like Bindi on your forehead to complement your Kurti. In addition, wearing a few bangles is also a great option to go well with your look. The complete look will be an absolute pleasure to the eyes of your dear ones.

3. Garara style

Whatever the season, Gararas are always in fashion among women. Pairing your Chikankari Kurti with a Garara is a perfect option for traditional appearances. It gives you a style statement that you can carry away nicely. You can create a complete Garara set with a classy Chikankari Kurti and adding a dupatta will be a cherry on the cake.

Wearing a pair of Chandbali will make it more traditional for your pictures. Overall, you will compete with the proper Mughal appearance in this wearing style. For lavish occasions, you always have the option to don Gararas with heavier Chikankari works. 

4. Layered look

Chikankari Kurtis are often light. You can layer them as per your choice and occasion while wearing them. It can either be a denim jacket or a long (or short) shrug. Everything will suit your appearance well and serve the sensational vibes with your appearance. 

Additionally, if you are looking for a pop of colour along with it, choosing a stole or scarf to enhance your overall appearance would be great. In this look, your footwear and bangle matter a lot. Therefore, you need to be very specific while choosing your ornaments.

5. A top-like look

If your Chikankari Kurti is comparatively short in length, you can give it a top-like look by wearing a skirt or jeans with it. It will leave you with a formal look that you can opt to wear in your office or in any formal occasion.

Adding some statement jewellery like bracelets or regular earrings will make your personality more dazzling.

Final Words

No cliché can ever define the way you must wear a Chikankari Kurti in 2023. All you need is your juggles and puzzles to match with the outfit. The basic importance of this look always revolves around what kind of Chikankari work you pick. The Kurti must own all the goodness of this art and of course, you are all set to rock with your splendid roll-call. So what are you waiting for, increase the zenith of your wardrobe with the aesthetically pleasing Chinkankari Kurti collection today. All you need is to visit the nearest Chikankari store or shop online.

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