How to Choose the Right Chikan Dress: A Beginner’s Guide

Chikankari has always been the most important hand-embroidered style in Indian fashion. These intricate and delicate designs are a hot favourite for everyone. The patterns in the Chikankari embroidery exhibit hours of hard work, which ultimately results in a beautiful style on your Kurta. If you are new to Chikankari fashion, here is everything you should know about picking the right dress and styling most fashionably.  

Choose the perfect Chikankari dress for your style

Chikankari is available in various types of clothing for you to choose from. It can complement your style in different ways. Here is a quick look at the widely preferred clothing styles that come with the Chikankari embroidery.

1. Chikankari Anarkali

The Anarkali suit is a beautiful fashion statement in itself. This full-sleeved and gorgeous long gown flows effortlessly with you as you move. A perfect multi-tasker, it is good for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. If you are into traditional ethnic long dresses, this is perfect for you. Buying it for you or your dear ones would be a great choice.

2. Lucknowi Chikankari Kurti

Resembling the original type of embroidery, the Kurtis made with Lucknowi Chikankari are light and at times translucent in fabric. The hand-embroidered design complements the mirror work, adding a stylish flair to your dress. You can pair your Lucknow Chikankari Kurti with a variety of lowers and it is perfect for everyday wear as well.

3. Chikankari Saree

A saree symbolises a timeless fashion for the Indian diaspora. This highly popular traditional Indian attire is not common, but it is not non-existent either. This style looks perfect on women who love to style and experiment with their sarees. It is a beautiful wear for formal and celebratory events. A graceful saree, glittering with painstakingly done Chikankari work will attract the attention of the passers-by instantly. So, if you wish to grab maximum eyeballs, you now know that a Chikankari Saree would be a great option to satisfy your cause.

4. Chikankari Lehenga

Last but not least, our favourite celebratory outfit – Lehenga, also comes in the Chikankari design. These look extraordinarily beautiful with their delicate embroidery. Your lehenga outfits will elevate your personality significantly with Chikankari. If you have a wedding at home in the coming time or if you want to flaunt a distinctive appearance during an upcoming festival, a Chikankari lehenga would be the best to help you out.

How to Style Your Chikankari Dress?

While selecting the best Chikan dress is essential, styling your Chikankari dresses the right way is equally indispensable. You can make different types of style statements with your Chikankari suits, Anarkali, Kurtas, and Kurtis depending on what you choose to wear on your bottom to complement the top. Here are a few noteworthy suggestions.

1. Get a pair of jeans

Jeans are a versatile and casual addition to any outfit. Throw in a pair of light-coloured jeans with your Chikankari Kurta to create an effortlessly chic look. A few bangles and earrings will also enhance the look appreciably.

3. Sport some khaki pants

Khakis are great for professional events. You can sport a pair of light or dark-coloured khakis with your favourite Chikankari suit and see how seamlessly the two go together! Putting on some dangly jewellery will add a more sophisticated look to your appearance.

4. Wear the basic leggings

Comfortable leggings remain a personal favourite of thousands of women who wear traditional clothing daily. Skin-fit leggings come in various colours, shades, and hues that help you create a monochromatic outfit that screams perfection. If you could find matching bangles and earrings to go with your outfit, it would be a cherry on top.

5. Buy a Patiala Salwar or Sharara

Patiala salwars and shararas remain on the top as the preferred ethnic bottoms for Chikankari. A pair of vibrant salwar or sharara will complement your Chikankari suits and Kurtis effectively. What more! You can pair these with jutti sandals and dangly jhumkas to unleash the magic of Indian traditional wear.

Wrapping up!

Chikankari has come a long way as one of the most prominent hand embroidery designs in the Indian fashion traditions. Originating from Lucknow, this delicate work of art has won the hearts of many with its impressive workmanship. Not surprisingly, Chikankari complements a wide variety of clothing options today. 

It comes in the form of suits, Kurtas, Anarkali, lehengas, and sarees. Alongside, women can also style it with various types of lowers, thus making your dress a great addition to your wardrobe. For instance, you can style your Chikankari Kurta with jeans, khakis, leggings, shararas, and much more. So, the next time you plan to buy an appealing and aesthetically pleasing Chikankari dress, do remember this concise guide to help you out.

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