Redefine the Diwali Glamour with Chhangamal’s Designer Suit Selection

Redefine the Diwali Glamour with Chhangamal’s Designer Suit Selection With Diwali, comes an unplugged dose of joy and celebrations every year. Naturally, you will love looking good on this auspicious occasion. Just to make sure that you do not fall short of choices to grace this happening festival of lights, Chhangamal offers you a wide … Read more

Different Typеs of Embroidery Pattеrns for Chikankari Kurtas

Originating from the historical city of Lucknow in India, Chikankari еmbroidеry is an art form cеlеbratеd for its timeless grandeur and exquisite craftsmanship. This delicate hand-еmbroidеry technique has graced kurtas, sarееs, and othеr garments for centuries. No wonder, they are incredibly special and sought after among the fond lovers of fashion across India. Men and … Read more

History Of Chikankari

Chikan name is originated from a Persian term called Chikan that means Kashidakari (embroidery). Nur Jahan wife of Jahangir, a very talented lady started this craft of replicating the beautiful eccentric carvings done on the walls of the empire to the fabric with the help of needle and thread. She taught the art to several villagers. From … Read more

History Of Chhangamal

Chhangamal Ramsaran Garg Agencies was established in “1897”, initially the firm was involved in the production of caps but gradually diversified into fabrication of ‘angarkhas’ Kurtas, sarees etc, based on customer preferences. Since then, the brand Chhangamal has become synonymous with premium and handcrafted ethnic wear that showcase the traditional Chikan embroidery in contemporary designs. Presently, chikan designed items … Read more

The Process of Chikankari

Chikankari embroidery work has been an integral part of Lucknow since the past 400 years & it is the best known textile decoration styles of this city. The word Chikan actually means embroidery and it assimilates approximately 36 different stitching techniques like Zanzeera, Rahet, Banarsi, Khatau, Phanda,Bulbul-chasm and so on ! Traditionally, white muslin cloth … Read more

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