How to Look Stellar in Classic Chikankari Sarees?

Many top fashion designers love creating stylish outfits using the old handcrafted traditional Chikankari. As a result, you can find a wide range of entrancing Chikankari outfits in the market, from Chikankari lehengas to kurtas and sarees. Talking about the Chikankari saree, it has been a continuous Indian textile staple for ages.

Highly in fashion, lots of TV celebs and Bollywood celebs also carry this classic saree in elegant style. Not to mention, it lets you flaunt your gorgeous appearance, giving you the feeling of no less than a celebrity. 

You can pick beautiful pastel shades like baby pink, sky blue, mint green, grey, etc. All the pastel colours look so soothing, irrespective of whether you have dark skin or bright skin.

Ways to look stellar in the classic Chikankari saree

Here are some cool tips to give you a hot look in a Chikankari saree masterly crafted to perfection.

1. Add flowers to your hairstyle

Chikankari is an age-old Indian embroidery that depicts delicate shadow work on the fabric. Indeed, it adds essence to your elegantly draped saree. Traditional saree draping with flowers in the hair further appreciates your aesthetic look. Adding vivid and vibrant flowers to your hairstyle will accessorise your Chikankari saree like nothing else.

2. Pair your saree with a cleavage peek blouse

The blouses with cleavage peek are in the rage. If you are confident to wear the deep neck blouse, a cleavage peek blouse will suit your figure the best. The split bell sleeves will add a perfect taste to your looks and complement your attire.

3. Add stone-studded jewellery

Have you ever tried to add some stone-studded jewellery as accessories with the Chikankari saree? If not, trying it would be a great move. You can accompany your traditional Chikankari saree with some gorgeous white stone-studded jewellery.

4. Grace your saree look with some artificial jewellery

Styling a Chikankari saree with artificial jewellery items would give your dress a benign appearance and make you look like a damsel of one’s dreams. With every drape of your saree, matched with your fashionable junk jewellery, you will leave behind an everlasting impression on the senses of the onlookers.

5. What about trying a full-sleeved T-shirt blouse?

If you want to try something new, you can pair your Indian embroidered Chikankari saree with the full-sleeved t-shirt blouse. It will look aesthetic, modern, and stylish, giving your personality an attention-grabbing appearance.

6. Pair your saree with the full choker set

Women always favour chokers, and it indeed will give you a head-turning response from the passers-by. Chokers compliment every Indian look. You can also add some traditional silver jewellery. It looks stunning when you pair it with your Chikankari saree along with heavy silver earrings and matching bangles. 

7. Try different pallu wrapping

You can try different pallu draping styles to carry varied exhilarating styles. Here are some exciting ideas:

  • Try the Seedha Pallu wrapping style to flaunt a stunning dressing sense
  • You can pair your saree with the belt. By adding a belt, you can make your look sleek.
  • Try a puffed-sleeved blouse that looks aesthetic on everyone.
  • You may add a ruffled-sleeved blouse to make you look beautiful and playful.
  • Use a Halter-style blouse, which looks perfect with a Chikankari saree.
  • If you want to look unique, you can pair the Chikankari saree with the intricately designed blouse.

8. Pearl accessories

If you want to look versatile in a Chikankari saree, adding some pearl accessories would be a great move. For instance, you can:

  • Add a beaded choker that looks rustic & gives the saree a more aesthetic look.
  • Have some golden statement earrings to amplify your entire look.
  • Enhance your look with the head accessories and give yourself a divine touch.
  • Mix and match the golden and pearl jewellery together.

All these styles involving pearl accessories will add to the grace and elegance of your Chikankari saree.

9. Have some designer blouses

To make your Chikankari saree look stunning, donning some unique designs of blouse collections would be a thoughtful idea. Among the many styles, you can try:

  • Noodle strap blouses
  • Hand-painted contrasting blouses
  • Shoulder peep blouses
  • Velvet blouses, or
  • Georgette ruffle-sleeved blouses

Besides, you can also pair your Chikankari saree with a deep-neck Kalamkari blouse & Georgette sleeve blouse.

Final words

If you want to flaunt a stunning look in your social circle, it is high time to fill your wardrobe with colourful Chikankari sarees. It will surely let you steal the celebrity-inspired look to look like a diva. All you need is to try a roaster of engaging attires and accessories that could go along nicely with your hand-embroidered Chikankari saree. Ideas, like adding flowers to your saree, wearing designer blouses, adding some junk jewellery, and more, are worth trying ideas in this regard.

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