Popularity of Chikankari Dresses among Bollywood Actresses

Immaterial of the season of the year, the romance of celebrities with the Chikankari dress ceases to culminate! From family dinners to the airports & casual meetings to evening outings, you can see them in these comfortable kurtas throughout the year.

In recent times, Chikankari kurtas have reserved a place in the closet of almost every hot favourite celebrity from the film and entertainment industry. When it comes to fashion, these widely admired public figures set their respective style trends. Their exceptional love for the chikan attires is simply undeniable.

Chikankari dress, the traditional embroidery, has embraced the fashion sense of the commoners and celebs alike. In this post, we will explore some most influential and stylish celebrities who have shown their love for chikankari dresses multiple times.

Famous Bollywood celebrities who wear chikankari dresses

Let’s know in detail about the love of famous film personalities from India for chikan outfits. For sure, they will inspire you to follow their fashion trends:

Kareena Kapoor – The queen of Pataudi

Bollywood Star Kareena Kapoor Khan has been spotted multiple times carrying a Chikankari dress. The enormously successful actress hailing from the generations old Kapoor family effortlessly carries this handmade Indian traditional dress with modernity. She has an amazing collection of chikan Kari dresses in her wardrobe and we hope to witness this royal beauty embrace even more chikankari dresses in the coming times.

Priyanka Chopra – An Indian diva recognized globally

Priyanka Chopra is a global sensation, and lots of us often see her donning western dresses. But her affinity toward chikankari dresses is also evident in several film promotional events, celeb parties, and so on. Be it a Chikankari Kurta or Chikankari Gown, our very own desi girl carries every attire with grace and elegance.

Often, she wears this traditional dress for casual outings as well. Just check out her gorgeous looks and you will get so many inspirations to imitate her appearance of chikankari saree. She surely carries a pure embroidery dress in a distinctive style, for her admirers to follow.

Deepika Padukone- The stylish Indian Diva

Known for her impeccable style sense, we have seen Deepika Padukone donning Chikankari dresses on assorted occasions. She steps out from her home in a Chikankari saree & Anarkali many times, showcasing the evergreen appeal. The heartthrob of millions, this Jawan actress strikes a stunning look by keeping her makeup minimal and natural.

At times, she has styled the chikan Kari saree with the contrasting pink blush blouse with the statement Chandbali accessories. With her breathtaking appearance in a Chikankari dress, she blends the Eastern and Western styles comfortably.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Lady with mesmerizing blue eyes

She is the evergreen-approved beauty of India who slays all the time, no matter what she wears. Her beautiful eyes make her looks mesmerize. The formal Ms. World known for her stellar performances makes a thrilling appearance every time she wears a Chikankari dress. In a recent function, she donned a white signature chikankari kurta paired with a churidar and streamlined dupatta. You can have a glance at the snaps available online about her recent appearances in Chikankari outfits and copy her stylish look for your upcoming gatherings as well.

Aradhya Bachchan

Now that’s a surprising element. Isn’t it? Aishwarya’s little princess Aradhya Bachchan is already a celebrity herself. She often visits several social gatherings along with her mom and dad and we believe chikankari dresses are among her favourites during these events. In a recent Mumbai event to celebrate her Birthday, Aishwarya wore a white-hued Chikankari anarkali suit, leaving her with an impressively stunning look. In the same event, Aradhya looked no less than her mom, decked in a white-toned Chikankari kurti, paired with blue pants and juttis.

Jacqueline Fernandes- The Srilankan beauty

The famous actress in Bollywood is always in the news because of her witty humour and quirky jokes. Recently, this stunningly beautiful Srilankan Beauty also donned a red chikankari kurta with white thread with some basic jewellery. This is a completely sophisticated Kurta with a standing collar. Her style can influence you to check how to look like a true diva! Stealing her Indian aesthetic look would make you look like a star yourself.

Alia Bhatt- The chirpy Bollywood diva

She is a well-known chirpy diva, known for her jaw-dropping and aesthetically pleasing Indian style. The young and awe-inspiring Brahmastra actress recently donned a Chikankari full twirl skirt crafted with handmade embroidery work. She wore a beige colour skirt, which looked fashionable. Her looks will surely leave you with the major fashion goals to follow.

By taking inspiration from the Chikankari dresses carried gracefully by these popular Bollywood divas, you can also include these attires in your wardrobe. No wonder, embracing a chikankari dress with sheer elegance is always a joy for the wearer.

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