Embrace these Vibrant Colours in Your Chikankari Outfits in 2024

Originating in the royal City of Lucknow, the famous Chikankari embroidery style has won millions of hearts. This delicate and exclusive style of embroidery is a result of utmost dedication and creativity of the skilled craftsmen. Choosing the appropriate colour for the Chikankari fabric is essential to make the already astonishing embroidery look flawless.

Since Indian culture has given greater significance to the meanings of colours, every hue holds a special importance in the Indian fashion industry. If you are also fond of looking for gorgeous colours for your Chikankari attires and wish to choose the most entrancing colours for your Chikankari kurta, saree, or suit, this blog is just for you.

The information here will help you opt for the perfect wardrobe additions. Keep reading to know about the vivid colours you can choose for your Chikankari outfits in 2024!

Cool colours to embrace for your Chikankari outfits

The following colours are not only prosperous but also elegant to choose for your next Chikankari wardrobe addition in 2024:


White signifies peace and truth. It is also the hue associated with new beginnings, hope, and purity. White is a statement in itself. Hence, including a white Chikankari outfit, such as a kurta or saree in your wardrobe will make you look effortlessly elegant.

The utmost purity and sophistication of this colour can blend in perfectly for any occasion. However, besides deeper insights, white is an incredibly comfy colour to wear throughout the year, especially on warm and humid days. So, owning a white Chikankari outfit will be perfect, in fact, fashionable for festive occasions and various other social events.


Purple is one of the most royal colours you can own for your Chikankari outfits in 2024! Mostly associated with ambition, wealth, and prosperity, owning a purple Chikankari outfit might prove to be an inseparable asset for your wardrobe. In India, this colour holds great significance for portraying the femininity and spirituality of the country’s women for ages.

No wonder, draping yourself with a purple Chikankari outfit will bring out the elegant femininity in you and magically make you look incredibly gorgeous. Get yourself a purple Chikankari outfit and elevate your fashion game!


The ever vibrant red colour symbolises strength, willpower, self-esteem, and vigour! Owning a beautiful and vibrant red Chikankari outfit is a must to include in your wardrobe wish list for 2024. However, if you look at the colour from a different perspective, a red Chikankari outfit can even symbolise love, fidelity, royalty, and romanticism. This passionate hue has earned itself the honour of being associated with romanticism. Hence, if you are on a shopping spree and want to elevate your style statement, a red Chikankari outfit should mandatorily find its way into your wardrobe!


No prize for guessing, yellow is one of the most popular colours associated with happiness, warmth, and positivity. Drape yourself with a beautiful yellow Chikankari outfit in 2024, and embrace positivity all around you!

The sheer elegance and vibrancy of the hue have made it a popular choice for uncountable fashion lovers. Since Chikankari outfits are always on trend, showing up at any event with an elegant yellow Chikankari suit or saree will make you the showstopper of the event!


Giving a feminine and tender appearance to your personality, Chikan attires like kurtis, suits, and other attires in pink are just wow. If you are going on a romantic date, embracing a pink dress is always going to win the heart of your beloved. Wearing a Chikankari outfit in pink will always be preferable in the daytime, as their bright colours will shine with added refulgence in the daylight.


As they say, black never goes out of trend and the same holds in the case of Chikankari outfits as well. Black Chikan attires in your wardrobe will leave you relaxed if you are running out of options. Whether you are going out for work or to attend an informal event, black is always easy to choose as it goes well with almost any type of dress at your lower portion. The exquisitely done hand embroidery on the fabric leaves your black Chikan outfit with a touch of bliss.

Wrapping up!

The Indian fashion industry largely revolves around colour theory. White, red, yellow, and purple are some of the most exquisite yet sophisticated shades to choose from for your exclusive Chikankari outfits in 2024. It would be great to embrace these resplendent colours through your Chikankari outfits.

All these colours own distinctive social value and add a sophisticated aura to your overall appearance. So what are you waiting for?  These vibrant colours of Chikankari outfits will increase the zenith of your wardrobe. Purchase them today fro your craved shop or only and get ready to receive countless compliments!

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